Members of the Safe Taxi & Private Hire Charter

We are proud signatories of the Safe Taxi & Private Hire Charter, which is part of the Go Safe Go Taxi campaign, which has been launched to ensure customers safety is maintained at all times.


By signing up to the Charter we have pledged to protect our customers and help our drivers maintain a safe working environment.

As we take the safety of all our customers very seriously, we will abide by the Charter’s strict guidelines, including:

  1. Social Distancing guidelines will be followed by all drivers.
  2. Drivers will have no physical contact with the passenger, unless in an emergency situation or if a passenger requests assistance.
  3. Hand sanitisers will be provided to all drivers and customers and drivers will sanitise their hands regularly.
  4. We offer an option to pay by card, to avoid drivers and passengers using cash.
  5. All vehicles with a shield installed will be regularly cleaned and sanitised.
  6. Drivers will wear clean clothes each day, be well-presented and maintain impeccable personal hygiene.
  7. Drivers will wear PPE in line with the latest official guidelines.
  8. The passenger area of the vehicle will be wiped down and cleaned with sanitiser regularly.
  9. The driver will conduct a weekly inspection and deep clean of their vehicle.
  10. Signage will be displayed, where available and where licensing permits, to convey safety and sanitation messages in and outside of the vehicle.

By committing ourselves to these guidelines we believe we are taking the necessary steps to ensure your safety, but we also ask that passengers follow the latest guidance where possible.

Using a door-to-door service is one of the safest ways to travel post-lockdown and as a member of the Go Safe Go Taxi campaign, we are upholding the highest standards.