Top tips to travel safely this winter


This month has seen charity Brake return with its annual Road Safety Week campaign.

The promotion is the largest campaign of its kind in the UK, involving thousands of schools, community groups and organisations, and has been running for over twenty years.

As the weather conditions worsen for winter, drivers are advised to take more care when on the roads, particularly in adverse weather conditions, especially as poor visibility and slippery surfaces can have an impact on reaction times.

Check out our top tips to help keep you safe when travelling this winter:

Prepare your vehicle beforehand

Before you set off you need to make sure your vehicle is well maintained to help reduce the likelihood of you running into trouble out on the road. Make sure you check tyres are in good condition, top up the anti-freeze and windscreen washer and ensure you have enough fuel to get you to your destination.

Plan your route

If you have an important journey coming up, it is wise that you plan properly to ensure you don’t get caught out. Make sure you check out any weather warnings and road closures.

When planning your route, stick to the main roads, especially when there is a risk of poor weather conditions, and allow extra time for your journey because it’s important to stay extra safe when the weather turns extreme.

Carry plenty of supplies

When you are travelling, we recommend keeping a winter driving kit in your car this includes de-icer, a scraper, torch and high visibility jackets. Don’t forget the all-important food and drink, these are a vital part of travelling, so stock up on those snacks. It’s also wise to pack some extra layers in case you break down and need to layer up. Also, make sure your mobile phone is charged.